We bake khachapuri

This story began with the thought that Khachapuri, a dish that is part of our daily lifestyle, all festive tables, of all the distinctly sweet gastronomic memories, has not been properly explored, neither appreciated. This idea was followed by a multidisciplinary study of the Khachapuri tradition, which we conducted together with friends from the Georgian Gastronomic Association, throughout Georgia. The journey in the footsteps of Khachapuri has led us to many unique and forgotten recipes accumulated over the centuries.[...] Read more

About the petition

In order for Khachapuri to be on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of the planet, the first stage involves submitting an application. At the same time, the initiative should have 40,000 supporters and, consequently, as many signatories. We, the people who believe that khachapuri is more than a just taste associated with our childhood or everyday life; More than an ordinary choice - in favor of Adjarian ot Imeretian, Gurian or Megrelian Khachapuri; More than a delicious dish of Georgian cuisine, we gather around the idea that khachapuri, because of its history, taste and cultural-ethnographic value, should be known and truly positioned outside our country.

Let's unite and stand all together for the idea #KhachapuriforUNESCO